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Jaakko Kukkohovi

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Aaro Kukkohovi

Jaakko Kukkohovi

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The Bugs

Heeei Paavo, mitä sä meinaat?

But Pete, what are you up to?

The bugs

I was taking pictures of raindrops one Saturday and had difficulties with focus. Then I noticed it was not the focus but two bugs wandering around the leave. So I changed the target and was able to shoot the picture on the left. The lense had very narrow depth range and only one shot was sharp enough, then the two fellows decided to leave.

A view in Oulu, Toppila

Pink flower

Rain drops

Autumn road.

Just a duck

One can see the difficulty of shooting duck, even with camera. The structure of the feathers is soft also in the picture. The reason for this is the photo cell structure of the camera. When there is very little contrast on the subject you get soft picture. See also the leaves in picture Autumn road that suffers the same defect.

Just a duck.

....four duck´s.

Part of the Lumijoki Church tower

Rain drops again.

Sivun alkuun

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